How to teach nursery kids?

Education is on one of the most vast field that aims to groom children and people about trends of the world and how to be a better human that the world needs. Although there are millions of schools and colleges, none of them is able to meet the objective. Students are taught alphabets and mathematics but they are neither educated about digital world nor environmental sciences. The world has been changing a lot with time due to excessive digitization that has personalized the choices of every child and adult. Therefore, there is now need of changing nursery classrooms and their curriculum. Scroll down and see what you can change:

Bring technology in the class: Instead of keeping white or blackboard in class, teachers should bring technology in the classrooms. They can install a large-screened gadget in the room where they can show students cartoons and animations to teach them alphabets, magical words and ethics. Besides, teachers can play them games on the screen to teach them basic mathematics creatively that would bind their interest. Technology can assist teachers a lot in preparing material and binding their attention towards studies. All they need is to use it wisely.

Let laughter teach them: Many of us make students sit silently in the class to learn alphabets and ethics but the lesson will be easier to grasp and learn if teachers would teach them by bringing laughter and humor in lessons. They can teach alphabets by making circus scene in the class or they can teach numbers by doing some activities in which they can involve students and let them have fun. The memory part of the brain is near the emotional part. Therefore, the more you connect good memories with your lessons, the more it will be learned by students.

Involve students: Nurseries are not limited to teach alphabets and numbers. Teachers have responsibility to teach them manners and make them independent in their paradigms. There is need to teach them to be frank and confident and it is only possible when you give them ground to talk. Teachers are required to create bond and friendly relations with each student and let them speak about their confusions and wishes with you instantly.

So these are some of the things that you should add in nursery classrooms to make lessons better and easy to grasp. Go here and see how EYFS nursery Dubai has brought these things in their classes.

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