Causes of getting anxiety

Causes of getting anxiety

When a person is sick then it is very important to know about eh root cause of that problem and if that will be diagnosed then it means that half of the treatment of the patient is done because after that there will be only the treatment that is required but knowing about the root cause is a difficult and long procedure especially in the case of mental health problems because brain is a complex machine and it will take several attempts to know about the real cause. You have to go to a psychotherapist in Dubai when you need any kind of mental treatment as they are the professional people who will try to help you in getting the anxiety treatment Dubai. Few of the causes of anxiety are here below:

When people will get abused then they will have the mental trauma which cause them to go in to the depression especially when kids were gone through the mental or physical abuse of any kind then that trauma will stay there in the back of their mind and with the passage of time this will grow bigger and then one day it will overcome all of the abilities of that person if not treated well and on time. These people will likely to stay back in their life because their brain was not functioning well.

Another cause is the use of medicine. Yes, you read that right. Medicines will be there to help people buy sometimes the overdose of any medicine or the wrong use of any medicine will cause mental and physical health problem. There are many medicines that will increase the anxiety level of a person when they are having a mild one and do not even know that they have anxiety.

A great cause of anxiety is the loss or being away from the love ones. If you are going through the loss of any person that you love the most of you are very close to them then it will leave some scars on your soul which you will never see but they hurt the most. There some kids who have to go through the time of separation of their parents and they have to be with one of them and this separation will trigger anxiety in them and they will become a victim.

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