Busting common teeth staining myths

You either saw the posts for teeth whitening at home or you saw a new teeth whitening device during your scrolls on Facebook or Instagram. Even in your dental clinic, you may have learned about the whitening of teeth. You have certainly looked at your teeth and found that they may not be as clean as you want them to be. You already have an idea of how to “fix” the teeth, but do you know what causes the teeth to stain? To answer these and other questions on teeth staining here is our experienced dental squad.

What causes staining of teeth? There are a variety of causes for dentures, including diet, alcohol, smoking, stain in the tooth enamel, and even aging.

How can I stop staining my teeth? Preventing stained teeth is pretty straightforward. Ignore those foods and drinks that stain your teeth, avoid smoking, follow good mouthwash, burn two brushes a day, flush with mouthwash, chew sugar-free gum among meals, chew your dentist at least twice a year and follow good dental procedures.

What are your teeth stained by foods? Foods that would stain most definitely your teeth are light or bold in color. Red pasta sauces, berries like bleeding, honeycomb, and luscious curries will all add to the staining of your teeth. Find your best emergency dentist in Dubai for the best and reliable service.

How do cocktails stain your teeth? Like snacks, bold colored liquids most commonly cause teeth to stain. Avoid red wines, tea and coffee, and dark sodas. Your grin will blur your everyday intake.

Is your gum tainted by green tea? According to Colgate.com, enamel teas in all colors erode and teas of white and green teas stained.

Will your teeth stain braces? Often gentle tines are seen as wrists are removed, so it’s not the braces, it’s how the teeth were handled as the braces were switched on. Follow other recommendations to avoid stains and avoid using whitening materials when wearing braces so that you cannot whiten the skin behind your teeth.

Where is the right time to whiten your teeth? You must make confident that your teeth do not rot so the perfect way to start blanking is after you have brushed your teeth.

Is the blanking of teeth permanent? No the methods of teeth whitening are not constant. Further therapies may be required, or the explanation that your stains allow you to prolong whitening effects and to avoid stains may be prohibited.

Will teeth whitening have any side-effects? During an operation, certain patients may be responsive to the teeth to the other way around. Via or abuse of the whitening products enamel can damage and permanently decelerate.

What does blanking cost to teeth? That depends; over-the-counter whitening of teeth may cost less than AED 300, whereas dental implants in Dubai can cost several hundred dollars or more.

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