Working Conditions in Dubai

Dubai, the heart of United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s rapidly growing employment hotspots in the world. If you are interested in working in Dubai, the particular fields of tourism, IT, media and finance have the most significant job opportunities for qualified personnel. Certain jobs like carpenters and plumber; petrol pump attendants, shop assistants, construction workers and waiters and waitresses are closed to westerners as so much cheap labor has been acquired from Asia and other third world countries of the world.

If you wish to work in Dubai, there are several crucial points with which employee should to be aware:

1: To work in Dubai, the company where you are signing the job contract becomes your sponsor. You must provide a blood sample, which is tested for communicable diseases   for acquiring sponsorship and obtaining Dubai working visa. If any indications of the disease appear in your sample you’ll be deported straight away.

2: Working with a respectable company would offer you benefits like accommodation- whether you need to rent a villa or apartment, a bank loan to purchase a car, mobile – phone service or a liquor license; but if it’s not  a reputable company things could be really different.

3: Working hours for the private sectors are officially 8 hours per day, or 48 hours per week. Ten hours per day where there are five working days.

4: The color of employee’s passport tends to decide the level of job they can apply for. For a company to advertise a job it is necessary to specify the nationality and gender of candidates.

5: Salaries tend to differ according to nationalities too. The same position in a hotel pays different salaries to a worker form Philippines, Pakistan, and Romanian.

If you wish to work in Dubai, the most exciting, tax free, fastest growing multi-cultural location in the world, getting a job is probably easier but to understand the work environment might be difficult.  If the working conditions in Dubai get better for all nationalities it will attract more professionals and quality people, retaining them over the long run too.

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