Community management myths which we all think are true

Community management myths which we all think are true

Community managers have always been targeted for the tasks which they are hired to perform. Most people believe that their tasks aren’t as important as people consider them to be and thus this all gives birth to some obnoxious myths. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Anyone – even interns can do it

Believing anyone can perform simple mundane tasks is ok, but thinking that they will look at the bigger picture and make decisions accordingly by managing all the obstacles yet still keeping their objective in mind and aiming in the right direction would be a little too much to expect from a simple intern who is just learning the different dynamics of this world.

  • They love chit chatting

Yes they do love chit chatting and maybe this is the reason that they are still in this game of community management services Dubai helping so many clients in achievement of their goal. It is through casual chat and communication that they are able to make connections with one another. Of course it is not idle chat but chatting away through things is sort of their speciality.

  • They need to posses attractive personality to make them stand out

This sounds more like a requirement for a broadcasting host. This is not true all the time. Though most of the community managers are certainly very outspoken and out there in the world but this is not always the case as most of the community manager’s tasks are done behind the scenes.

  • They are here to sell

If you are looking for someone who is straight up selling the product with cold messaging and emailing then you are wrong. Yes community managers are there to help boost your brand but their other tactics of marketing are equally helpful where sometimes they give a neutral look at the product and other times they are sharing the thoughtful insights of it. Either way, it is to help you in boosting the product.

There are so many other misconceptions that community managers have to deal with and this is why knowing about their real job and responsibilities beforehand would help you to eliminate these silly myths just like asset management services Dubai does with their helpful guides for an easier and clearer approach.

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